Event Design

At the end of April 2017, CARTO held an event for partners and clients in Spain's capital called CARTO Locations. Beyond the amazing effort and hard work done by everyone in the company involved in the event, it also required plenty of work from the design team.

From branding to posters, videos, banners, swag kits, slides, landing pages, every marketing material you can imagine... It was a LOT of work and it made us get out of our comfort zone (the digital realm haha) and had us dealing with the eternal struggle that is Adobe Illustrator, correcting printing issues or having to do physical acceptances of every single material in the venue.

It was a real struggle at times, but it was also an amazing learning experience and it rocks soooooo much seeing your designs displayed like that in the real world!

I can't speak for my whole team, but the highest point for me was probably the silliest one if you judge it by any valuable metric, business-wise. It was having those videos I made being displayed on the screens of the Palacio de la Prensa, one of Madrid's oldest and most emblematic building which is located in the very center of the capital and where we held the event. It's the humble Spanish equivalent of New York's Time Square.

So yeah... ✨ that was awesome ✨