Product Design

Working in CARTO has given me the opportunity and joy of learning about Product Design and doing the actual job of designing our main product on a daily basis.

CARTO Builder is an open source web-based drag and drop analysis tool for analysts and business users to discover and predict key insights from location data.

We constantly work on optimising workflows and the overall user experience of Builder, as well as designing new features and elements of not only the actual tool but also its surrounding environment. We receive constant feedback from our users which are taken deeply into consideration for our product enhancement efforts as well as relying on our own methods of research to pinpoint complicated or confusing interactions.

Visually, we rely on a strong design system that we call “The Builder Toolkit” which gives us the flexibility to constantly create new and different features while maintaining a cohesive look and feel throughout the tool.

I never considered doing product design and now I can’t get enough of it. It’s such a gratifying challenge, having to juggle through so many different and related aspects (user needs, tech realities, business goals, time and human resources available, product constraints…) and coming up with scalable, realistic and appropriate solutions. Ugh! Such a great mix of struggle and learning and fun.